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ES Herzensdieb x MS Roxxy (Royal Prince/Banter)

Our stallion roams free with his own herd of broodmares and foals.  He is quiet and gentle and managed without the need of whips or chains.  He is happy and content and allowed to live his life as nature intended. 

He was chosen not only for his impressive physique and extraordinary movements but also his quiet respectful nature.  Herzgut is a highly intelligent and willing stallion.  He calmly maintains his band of mares and foals with little drama.  When you enter his pasture he walks up to greet you then stands back and watches as you handle the mares and foals.  He stamps his offspring with his quiet willing nature and fabulous movements. 

Herzensdieb is in the top 10% of Dressage breeding sires in Germany.  Follow this link to read more about him: E.H. Herzensdieb (warmbloodstallionsna.com)




                             RAZMATAZ (2005 - 2018)




The culmination of generations of selective breeding has resulted in the outstanding Hanoverian Stallion Razmataz.  Bred by George Walker, Razmataz's pedigree was selected to produce a superb breeding stallion with a strong Dressage influence.  Rohdiamant, Weyden, Bolero and Grande are just a few of the exceptional sires found in Raz's pedigree.   Raz's natural movement is a floating dance across the pasture and the stamp of his grace can be found on each of his foals.  As each new crop of foals emerge it becomes quite evident that Razmataz's good character, easy trainability and gorgeous topline are always passed on.  Intelligence, and a calm generous nature are the final touches on a truly lovely stallion.   Raz's legacy lives on in his young mares that we retained for breeding purposes. 

Breeder: George Walker, USA
Birth Date: 4-26-2005
Height:  16.1 hands



Royal Prince


Rubenstein I

Elektia V
Piri Piri Prince Thatch


Weyden Western Star
Brimming Banter