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Hans Lengers, started breeding Hanoverians at Indian Land Farm in 1972 and through careful selection of our mares we have, over the years, developed what we believe are outstanding horses.

Hans was one of the founding members of the American Hanoverian Society which is based on the guidelines of the German Verband.  Two of our stallions came from the Government Stud in Germany. 

Our breeding system at Indian Land Farm is based entirely on pasture breeding, the most natural way.  Stallions graze with their herd of broodmares and foals as well as yearling geldings on large pastures year-round with run in sheds, free choice hay and 12 minerals and vitamins available to them at all times.

The results are healthy horses and foals, free of vices who are happy and perfectly content.  Our conception rate for mares under 20 years of age is close to 100%.  We usually choose the  mare/stallion match by complementing conformation, mare affection and the mare's preference for the stallions. We believe that this method is nature's way to produce a better foal.  The breeding process is therefore a very beautiful and orderly courtship.  Our stallions are like large pets that respect and trust us.  We do not even need halters to lead them.

Our pasture management, feeding, and mineral program is without consideration of cost. We do all that we can to ensure the maximum potential of our foals.  We believe that bone density through proper diet, minerals and exercise at an early age is probably the most important influence on the foals' future life and career potential.  Unfortunately we have to recover our cost of operation but are happy that we can offer our weanling foals for under $5000.00.

Click on the link below to view a video of our farm designed by our good friend and the owner of Darshan and Garnele, Ronni Ward.



Last modified: November 06, 2012