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Revanche - 2017 Weanling Filly by Razmataz out of MS Velten's Velvet:  Born 1-28-17 this lovely chestnut filly has exceptional movement and a friendly disposition.  $5900.

Richtstrahl - 2017 Weanling Filly by Razmataz out of MS Damenwunsch:  Born 3-17-17.  Powerful hindquarters for jumping, lovely sloped shoulder for maximum reach and a comfortable ride, this elegant bay filly will make an excellent jumper or hunter prospect.  $5900.

Rotkappchen - 2017 Weanling filly by Razmataz out of MS Gala:  Born 6-7-17.  Tall, friendly, and curious, Gala produces the easiest horses to train with super temperaments and exceptional movements.  $5900.


Rotkappchen video at 3 weeks

Rotkappchen video at 6 months

Renommee - 2017 Colt by Razmataz out of MS Grafengirl.  Born 6-27-17 this handsome bay colt is a powerful mover with a calm, curious temperament.  $5900.00



Last modified: November 15, 2016